Wednesday, March 2, 2011

a delicious duo

i'm actually sure this has already been invented, but i thought it was my own stroke of genius. it all started with hunger, and my natural urge to make cookies. i had left over white chocolate chips and butterscotch chips from making seven layer bars for my old roommate's bridal shower, so i thought cookies would be a perfect way to use them up. well, as i was making my cookie dough, the limited counter space in our kitchen forced me into close proximity with the little-bit-hard caramels that my visiting teacher made me. hmmm, i thought. these caramels are too hard for me to eat right now, but what if i put them inside my cookies? the result was quite delicious, and if you ever get stuck with hard caramels, i might suggest trying out the same. i first made a batch with no chips, just caramels on the inside, but then after tasting how good they were, i made my final sheet with butterscotch chips and caramel inside. they are in the oven as i type. i can't wait to eat one. (technically, i'll just eat half and give aaron the other half. sometimes sharing is the only way i'll get him to eat sweets....and allow myself to eat more halves than i would have wholes.)

besides delicious cookie making, our lives are pretty normal. that means we are stressed, busy, don't-know-what-will-happen-in-the-future students. being married, according to a university of michigan study, gives the average women 7 extra hours of work per week. i learned that little fact as i was preparing trivia for said bridal shower this past weekend. being married, also, i have come to learn, adds quite a deal of stress to my already busy husband. he got a new job, which he is quite excited about, but now we wake up at 5:45 so he can be to work at 7. then he works until 12 or 12:30 and goes straight to school until 5. today he came home and made me tacos before i got back. wonderful, right!?

he's studying on the couch now, learning stuff and putting information in his head in hopes that in the very near future he can "support a family" with that knowledge. (i don't mean very near future as in a "family" is very nearly on its way, but rather i mean the urgency that aaron feels to "support")

side note: one of my professors did, actually, ask me if i was pregnant today in a somewhat roundabout way. no, i'm not pregnant. i just burped up a little stomach acid in your class once, chewed a piece of gum to make the taste go away, and said i puked in my mouth when you asked me why i was chewing gum. i guess he took that for morning sickness.)

anyway, back to aaron studying on the couch. all i'm doing is making rather delicious cookies. but such is life. i need him to get me serious and thinking about what i want to spend my time in life doing, and he needs me to force him to breathe and eat more cookies than he wants to.

now for some epic countdowns:
4 weeks until my last dance concert at BYU ever! and simultaneously, the performance of my senior project. this also means my parents will be in utah. hooray!
6 weeks of classes. that's it. then i'm done. graduation. no more classes. no more homework.
7.5 weeks until aaron and i will be in cancun. yes, the destination is confirmed. cancun baby. then summer time. who knows what that will bring!


  1. "And they were the best seven layer bars I've ever had, if I do say so myself." -"old roommate," mentioned above

  2. Also, I want to go to your senior project performance. Please keep me posted!