Monday, July 21, 2014

elsie: 9 months a.k.a. AAAHHH!

9 months

--Literally the day after I wrote her last, 8 month journal, and said that she was only pseudo-crawling, she started crawling full-out, no joke, for real. She is a girl on the move!

--She crawls around and pulls herself up to stand on anything she can. Our house is not baby-proof for a crawler, so I have to keep my eye on her constantly.

--She has started whispering incantations. These are usually accompanied by pointing fingers, like she is hexing the world around her...or just looking at things and describing them.

--As mentioned above, and seen in the last photo, she is great at pointing.

--She has added "dada" to her vocabulary, and sometimes in her whisper voice it sounds like she says "bebe".

--She has slept through the whole night a handful of times! We put her down at 7:30pm, and she will wake up between 6:00-7:00am.

--She loves turning the pages of books. She usually does it very vigorously.

--It has become a battle to change her diaper, meaning she twists and turns and tries to sit up and crawl around as soon as I get the dirty diaper off. We've had a few accidents.

--She usually laughs when you say "Meow meow".

--No teeth yet, but she sure is chewing a lot this last week. They are somewhere under those gums!

--She has entered Mommy-Only mode. I guess it's not so bad when I am nowhere around, but if someone else is holding her in the same room as me, Elsie probably won't stand for that.

--I've been taking Elsie swimming (trying to go every week). She gets more and more comfortable with the pool, and we tried bouncing her under the water for a moment. She did pretty well with that--just some coughing, no crying.

--She loves watching other kids. Sometimes just seeing other babies makes her laugh.