Tuesday, December 10, 2013

our first family pictures!

Thanks to Kaye and Kaili for snapping over 300 pictures :) We did, in fact, get some good ones!

The "S" in some pictures is our contribution to the Robison family photo idea where each family takes a pictures with one of the letters in "ROBISON".

A few pictures were not totally in focus, but too awesome to skip over, like this next one:

Why not get a picture of what was really happening?

What would a family photo be without an iPhone?

Aaron wanted our "S" to be made of train tracks. It was awesome, but we couldn't quite figure out the logistics of actually taking a nice picture with the huge contraption.

And then I held the "S" upside-down...

And then Aaron was super cute...

Okay, the next one is not the best Elsie face, but still such a cute shot!