Sunday, May 18, 2014

elsie: 7 months

These pictures seemed to be screaming for some antiquing, but I left a few in color for the sake of those blue eyes :)

When do babies learn that their feet aren't hands? Why don't we praise their pedal dexterity?

Crawling...?!? Any day now...

7 months

--Though Aaron is convinced that she weighs 20 pounds, I think that is highly unlikely when a month ago she was barely 14 pounds.

--She has developed a sniffy face where she scrunches up all her face in a really adorable way and sniffs really fast. I haven't decided if she does this when she's hungry, when she's sleepy, or if she's just trying to be funny.

--She gives sucker-fish kisses--big, wide open mouth sucking on your cheek, eye, nose, chin or anywhere really. It is a rare delight to receive such a gift. (Again, I haven't decided if this is really just a sign that she's hungry.)

--She has finally learned how to bounce in her Johnny-Jumper-doorway-thing. Just short spurts of bouncing, but it's pretty awesome.

--Her vocabulary includes "mama" and "baba".

--She is pretty close to crawling! You can tell it really frustrates her that she can't locomote herself forward into your lap yet. So instead, she has gotten really good at spinning around on her tummy, log rolling and scooting backwards. If only she could piece all of those skills together to figure out how to get where she wants to go. That would be awesome.

--I think her favorite toy is those plastic easter eggs that I got for her last photo shoot. 

--She is entranced by other babies.

--She loves going upside-down and doing flips with Aaron.