Monday, January 23, 2012

6 or 1?

Which is better?

Having a handful of jobs that each require their own individual planning and preparation?

(Not Pictured: BYU Children's Creative Dance, and working for myself trying to teach yoga from home)

Sure, my hourly rate is more than double minimum wage, but it is quite challenging to actually get the hours.

Love it? Yes. I get to teach dance and yoga--what doesn't sounds great about that? No desks. No managers (basically). Trying to help people feel better in their bodies and enjoy moving and living. Plus, I do have good amount of free time (due to the difficulty of getting more hours).

Tiring? Yes. For example, I need to choreograph 8 dances in the near future. I have some job to go to 6 days a week. And it's all teaching. Teaching (especially the younger ones) is tiring. Many hours not spent at the job is spent planning for the job. Not to mention the driving or biking to each of these various locations.

But what would I be doing instead? It's better to kill yourself with what you love, right?

Not to mention, for the past two weeks I have been rehearsing with Utah Regional Ballet for their Choreography Design Projects show. Didn't know about it until the artistic director asked me to choreograph a week before we were scheduled to start. Choreographing = extra tiring. So after the shows this weekend, perhaps the many jobs won't feel like so much anymore.

Monday, January 16, 2012

photo practice

Me. Bored at home. Wanting to learn more about my camera. Can't think of anything worth taking pictures of in my immediate surroundings. So I set up random objects I find around my house.

Saturday,  January 14. Weather = amazing. Aaron and I take a walk down by Provo River.

Monday, January 2, 2012

a brief christmas recap

Sadly, I didn't take too many pictures this Christmas. This is especially sad because Aaron and I were with the whole Clark clan in Tucson, Arizona, which you wouldn't know by the sparse pictures alone (mostly taken by Aaron's iPhone). I took no pictures of my family. I love my family, and therefore I should have taken more pictures of them. Though there is no visual documentation of the fun we had, it was had. Playing Wii, exploring the desert, reading books, hot tubing, cooking delicious food, going out for delicious food, getting facials, playing games, laughing...all in a beautiful home belonging to someone else near the top of the Tucson Mountains where saguaro cactus are in plenty. This was the first time that the whole family--including Aaron, Adrienne, and Kim--was all together. And again, I have no photos.

Another contributor to the lack of photos is that it wasn't until the end of our trip that Christmas Day came, and Aaron surprised me with an awesome DSLR camera! I only got to experiment on some cactus before we headed out and back home to Utah. That will mean more (hopefully) awesome pictures in the future, however, as I now begin the journey of learning how to use a camera!

The Grand Canyon...on a freezing cold, extremely foggy afternoon. This was part of our road trip down to Tucson.

Here is where I would insert all the fun pictures from activities in Arizona that I didn't take...

Aaron insisted on a photo shoot walking out of Sabino Canyon. Amazingly beautiful spot. If you ever go to Tucson, go there! (And to Cafe Poca Cosa)

And here are my experiments with the new camera...