Thursday, February 10, 2011

best husband ever

today aaron informed me that we will be taking a late honeymoon/graduation get-away adventure! he wanted to keep it a secret, but he said that it would involve my passport. well, my first guess what the dominican republic, but he said no. then i guessed a cruise, because someone told us that they were really cheap right now. he said no, not a cruise. so what else could be outside of the country that is cheap enough for him to just up and buy tickets to?


he wouldn't tell me where in mexico, and i didn't try to get it out of him for fear that i would succeed quite easily. but he did make it sound like there was some purpose or thing we were going to do there. i don't know what that means really. lay on the beach? snorkle? eat mexican street tacos? (yes, please!) no matter what, i'm excited...and curious to discover where we will be going...

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  1. Lucky duck! We're driving 3 hours this weekend to San Antonio where we will mooch off of friends and eat fast food... and we feel like we've hit the jackpot! I'm excited for San Antonio, but if you want to drive through TX on your way to Mexio and pick me up I'm all yours! Miss you Rach!