Sunday, March 6, 2011

cottonseed oil + hair = monster

last night, aaron and i did something we don't usually do. we went to the grocery store. when all that is in your fridge is half a loaf of homemade bread, a little bit of milk, and eggs, you know it's time to do whatever it takes to make time to go to the store.

aaron has a serious grocery-store phobia. he claims it is a combination of the fluorescent lights, the innumerable decisions that need to be made between almost similar products, and the sheer amount of time spent mindlessly walking up and down aisle looking for things that cause the trip to the store to suck the happiness and life out of him.

for me however, the grocery trip is like an efficient microcosm of life. it starts with me making a list. i can check so many things off that one list in such a short period of time. it is quite satisfying. plus, i like to dilly-dally, looking at all the strange products i didn't know existed and dream about what delicious food could be made with them, if only i had an endless amount of money to spend on food, and an endless amount of time to make it all. and so it is with life--i like to dream about all the things i want to learn and do, but then continue forward with checking off my list. i should really break out of the list mind-set. i think it's holding me back. i should just go for it, live my dreams, and buy the spice apple bran muffin mix.

i always have this goal that i only want to go to the grocery store once a month. i don't think it has ever happened, but i keep trying. i planned out about eight legitimate meals, thinking that would last us the whole month of march, also knowing that we always have a few illegitimate meal options as well when time or resources fail us--namely tuna melts dipped in hot chocolate, kraft macaroni and cheese that we scored at a white elephant party, and oatmeal. hopefully, i got everything i needed for all the legitimate meals. what i am not so good at planning out is when the tomatoes and lettuce will go bad (it's not even tomato season), and if aaron will end up eating all the cheese before i get to use it for the designated meal. aaron's new job gives him free cereal and milk every morning, so i'm already afraid that the usual two gallons of milk rule will end in rotten milk this time around.

anyway, back to the grocery store. as we were looking for minced clams and clam juice (to make clam chowder), we found that they neighbored a dear friend of mine, smoked oysters. i decided it was time to initiate aaron into a clark family tradition of eating and enjoying smoked oysters, which we do at least every christmas eve (not to mention the waning tradition of oyster stew on christmas eve). since i didn't see the brand that my family usually buys, naturally we went for the .99 cent option.

i'll just let the pictures display aaron's feelings about eating the .99 cent oysters...


now, to explain the title of this post. let's just say that the cottonseed oil that the oyster were bathing in ended up dripping almost everywhere. combine that with the omnipresence of my hair almost everywhere and aaron decided we were creating monsters on our kitchen floor. he liked the oysters, in fact he said he might even be able to get addicted to him, but the cottonseed oil repulsed him.

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