Friday, June 29, 2012

these are not my babies...

...though that would have been a pretty spectacular secret to have kept all this time.

These are my friend's babies. Until recently, Amber and her husband, Eric, lived in our complex. They just moved away to bigger and better things in Seattle. I had been "helping" Amber with her twin boys, coming over and sitting around while they slept so that she could run on the treadmill without worry. "Helping" really just meant an excuse for me to hang out with Amber, and an excuse for me to play with cute babies.

Before Amber left, we took Roy and Bruce (her babies) to a splash pad--a place outside where lots of screaming kids play in a little area with water squirting up out of the ground at not-so-baby-friendly pressures. Needless to say, the boys hated it. We didn't get any pictures of them screaming in the water, but I was somewhat proud of a few of the pictures I took after the trauma was over. 

Don't worry, I won't post too many pictures of someone else's kids. But you can't help but smile at really cute babies, right?

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

homecoming #2

Homecoming number two. Aaron's brother, Sean, returning from Brasil, June 14th, 2012.

I had one mission. Since Kaye (Aaron's mom) is a fabulous photographer, I wasn't planning on taking many shots, just the one that she wouldn't be able to take. Her hugging Sean for the first time in two years.

Unfortunately for everyone, I should have spent more time trying to get the right exposure inside the airport, because the pictures I did take were far from fabulous. With a little editing, a couple were at least bearable, but the coveted mother-hug picture was less than perfect (sorry Kaye!).

I think Sean probably felt very awkward with everyone focused on him, and then his mom and me snapping pictures left and right. But, he looked right at me for this one...

Welcome home to Sean!

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

oquirrh lake

The morning of homecoming #2, the kiddies were up early (like every morning). Aaron and I took them for a walk to Oquirrh Lake. The original plan was to go to a park to swing, but they got distracted by the lake.

 Lily Eldredge

 Nathan Eldredge

 Annelise Eldredge

I was also forced to take many pictures of the ducks that were befriended by Annelise and Nathan, and so carefully named. There was Quacker and Fuzzball, a baby named Fluffy, and three toddler ducks named Don, Ron, and Fon. 

Monday, June 18, 2012

homecoming #1

Last weekend, my cousin, Jeffrey Kowallis, came home from his mission to Kentucky. As is tradition, he gave a talk in church the following Sunday--and a very wonderful talk at that--and then his family had a little party at their house. I thought I'd take the role of photographer since his parents would most likely be quite busy. Unfortunately, I am not the best at getting the the faces and conversations of people I don't know, so I only got a few good pictures.

Karl Kowallis, Grandpa (David) Clark, Jeffrey Kowallis

 Aaron, Beau Stephenson (married to my cousin Melanie Kowallis)

The Clark-side
(I didn't take this picture, so sorry to Erika and Greg for being cut off the edge)

The Kowallis family re-united.

Monday, June 11, 2012

gardener village

Aaron's brother, Sean, comes home from his two-year adventure (a.k.a. mission) from Brasil in just 3 days! Thanks to this highly anticipated event, some of Aaron's family are coming out to Utah to welcome Sean home.

Aaron's oldest sister, Rachel Eldredge, and her four amazingly fun and cute kids came out two weeks early and have been hanging out up in Daybreak at the Robison home. Since Aaron and I have obligations in the Provo area during the week, we get to see them on the weekends.

This past weekend, we met up with the family at Gardener Village in West Jordan. Gardener Village is a cute little shopping area where the retail stores, bakeries, and restaurants are housed in restored cabins and homes right next to Gardener Mill. It feels historic and pioneer-esque. Every Saturday they have a Farmer's Market, and that's what we came for.

 Nathan, Aaron, Annelise, Rachel holding Adeline, and Lily.

If Nate got to ride the turkey, Annelise definitely had to do it too.

Aaron got to be good friends with Adi, who allegedly doesn't like people. He saved her from the trauma of waking up alone in a crib after a nap, and she's loved him ever since. I still haven't held her once.

Supposedly this pictures was supposed to be 3-D. The lady who made me stand at the perfect spot and take the picture was very excited. Life-size donuts? Mmm...