Thursday, September 18, 2014

elsie: 11 months

11 months

--The biggest and best new thing for Elsie is that she calls everything "Daddy"! Or maybe "Doggie"? It's really the same word, whatever it is--she says it when Aaron comes home, or when she sees a dog... or when she's pointing at the iPad, or a picture of herself, or a stranger... or anything.

--Still no teeth and no walking...but she crawls around like crazy.

--As you can see in the pictures, she can't stand headbands. She won't settle until it is either hanging around her neck, or completely off--which she can do all by herself!

--She is so determined! She loves focusing all her energy on little details and projects, like pulling people's earrings out, or putting a cap or lid on something. She has been trying to buckle the buckle on her high chair for some time now. She'll get it soon :)

--She plays peek-a-boo with anyone, including her own reflection in the oven.

--She will only eat if you let her get really messy--even pureed food has become finger food in our house, just so we can get that little girl to eat.

--She used to love string cheese. Then she hated it for two weeks. Currently, it's a love-hate.

--We left Elsie for the first time this past month for a week! Honestly, it wasn't really that hard for us. She was with grandmas, grandpas, cousins, aunts, uncles, and other great people the whole time, so we weren't worried. And all reports said she was a perfect little girly while we were away!

--Elsie also got sick for the first time this month. It was so sad! She spent all morning just lying in my arms, not wanting to move. I even just plopped her in the bean bag and she just stayed there, motionless. It was such a dramatic difference for our constantly-moving little jumping bean to be so mellow! Luckily, she was feeling more perky later that day, and back to herself (pretty much) the next day.

--She is starting to help me put her clothes on. She knows when a shirt goes over her head, she has to stick one arm up, then the other.

--I swear she knows the sign-language sign for "hat". If I have a headband on, she pats her head and points at it. If I have a bun on my head or a towel turban wrapped on my head, same thing. Thanks, Baby Signing Times.

--It's hard to capture her really good moments, because whenever a phone comes out or a camera, all she wants is to get the phone!

--She can open cupboards :) The only drawer she has opened so far is the one under the oven with some pans in it. The real baby proofing is overdue!