Wednesday, August 20, 2014

elsie: 10 months

10 months

--Elsie has entered the stage of head bonks. At least 3 times a day, cries break out due to some sort of head-bonking fall.

--This little lady is determined! If she wants something, she will keep at it until she gets it. She crawls and climbs all over everything. If you pull her away from something, like, oh, Aaron's bike, she will just keep going for it over and over and over again.

--She smiles and laughs when she sees the yellow Cheerios box.

--When she first wakes up, either from nighttime or a nap, she generally wants to point at everything around and tell you about it.

--She does this super cute shoulder shrug with her right shoulder. Only the right shoulder.

--She has started playing games with us--mostly making us do silly things

--She is in the stage of "sequences" and that is totally obvious! She knows that when she pulls the iPad charger cable out of the outlet, the iPad will light up and show a picture of Aaron. She pulls the cord out and immediately looks at the iPad.

--She has started letting go of her support while she's standing! It only lasts a little while, but when she wants to go down she generally can squat all the way to floor with some serious control.