Sunday, March 13, 2011

We Are Like Children

Today was a brilliant manifestation of springtime. The sun was shinning, the arctic winds ceased to howl, the temperature rose and birds roamed the air. The best part part about this day was the chance it offered us to actually be outside and walk to church. We began our walk down 200 East and it seemed nature was quite pleased with the change in weather. Rachel, however, spotted a small tale of unfortunate events on the sidewalk. As she points at the sidewalk, I hear her exclaim, "Is that a snail and a poo?!" Her excited sighting of a possible pooping snail caught me off-guard. We were five steps past it by the time I realized she was referring to the insect entrails that we had just passed. Fortunately for me, Rachel's curiosity wasn't satiated, I would be able to get a better look...Rach grabs my arm and hastily pulls me back to what was presumed to be snail guts. Our review of the murder scene, left us thinking the "snail and a poo" looked more like a caterpillar and its guts lying next to it. The caterpillar killer has remains to be identified. Investigation still pending.

Other highlights of the day:
  • I had to give a talk in church today, so we put my talk on the iPad for convenient pulpit access. Rachel obviously didn't trust me enough, so she locked the iPad screen so that I wouldn't start playing with it while I was speaking. I wonder how many times she thought I'd try to rotate the screen.
  • Rachel and I have a tradition of playing with set of tiny magnet balls while we're in sunday school (thanks to Katie), today our Sunday school experience was made even better by the addition of Juicy Pear Jelly Bellies.
  • I had the hiccups, Rachel tried to burp me like a baby, which of course doesn't work for hiccups. For some reason this led me to attempt to burp her, at which point real burps came out.

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