Friday, April 18, 2014

elsie: 6 months

6 months

--She sits up like a champ! No support needed for this girly.

--She took her first plane ride--to Madison to visit Gramma. She didn't seem to have any ear pressure pain, but she was too excited with everything that she didn't eat or sleep well, so she was just kind of cranky and bored.

--She loves whistling, snapping, singing, and silly noises. Well, she loves to hear them, not do them.

--She has started making a funny snorty-sniffy noise with a scrunchy noise that usually is bordering between laughter and tears.

--She usually laughs pretty good if I just shake my head really fast and make sounds.

--She loves her daddy and is always looking around for him if she knows he's home--which can be an issue when she's also trying to eat.

--As of this post, she is sleeping a million times better--aka she slept for 10 hours last night. We decided it was time to try something new, and called Aaron's sister for help. She laid out the plan to let Elsie "cry it out". It worked wonders. She only cried for 30 minutes the first time, and never that long since. We still use the white noise, but no swaddling and no pacifier. We put her down awake, with a little soft blanket, and she gets comfy and goes to sleep! 

--The sad thing, however, is that she woke up today (after night two--the 10 hour sleep) and I think she caught my cold :( You wouldn't be able to tell from the pictures above, but she's been pretty crabby and sleepy all day long.