Friday, March 25, 2011

sweet sixteen

aaron isn't really into sports, and neither am i, but BYU in the sweet sixteen? we got pretty excited about that. aaron said all he wanted to do was not think about school and watch the game. and so we did just that.

unfortunately, though we have a large hd-tv, it doesn't actually get any tv. so we watched on a small computer.

while i was in the kitchen heating up some leftovers, all i heard coming from aaron in the other room was either: "noooooo jimmer!" or "yes jimmer!" i think there was more of the no jimmer, sadly.

watching the second half, aaron kept being worried about jimmer--his hurting calf and the boo-boo on his chin. it was a sad final game for him. but, he did give us a few moments of excitement.

we couldn't watch the last 2 minutes of overtime, though. it was too sad.

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