Sunday, March 27, 2011

playtime and chocolate waffles

aaron spent a lot of last saturday reading about random financial things on the internet. due to the hours of time spent staring at a computer screen combined with his ever guilty conscience that he isn't doing everything he should be with his life, both in the immediate and long-term sense, he went bonkers for about 20 minutes. he had been asking me to "play" all afternoon, and i told him if he figured out something to "play" to let me know and i would do it. the only thing he really vocalized was playing a card or board game. i guess i'm a terrible wife who doesn't keep her promises because i shot that idea down by saying that i didn't know where the games were at my grandparents house (which was where we were, doing our laundry). and it's not like i could have asked or anything...i know i sound terrible, but i'll make up for it, just keep reading.

so then aaron imploded, sat in the laundry room with his head on a pile of clean shirts, and stared out the window. we ate beef stew with my grandparents, which had been crock-potting for several hours (my grandparents weren't crock-potting...the stew was). then my grandma and i ate some ice cream and the men turned their noses down to such a silly dairy dessert. seriously, what is it about ice cream that men can turn down and women can't resist? i think ice cream beats just about anything else on my list of tasty treats.

then we got in the car to go home. this is where i repented for my former misdeeds. i told aaron to take a detour, go down the hill and around the corner, where we ended up at a park. it was kind of chilly out, we only had t-shirts on, but we got out and ran to the playground. we swang/swung/swinged for a while, aaron jumping off at the top of his highest swing, me jumping off at the low point of the curve so that i pretty much just walked right off. we had some handstand competitions. i think i actually held my handstand for just shy of 3 whole seconds! we ran through the playground and slid down all the slides in under 15 seconds, then we talked to each other through those silly "telephone" poles that go under the ground and come out in triangular speakers. we secretly told each other it was cold and we should go.

isn't it kind of funny that children learn so much from "play", and yet we "mature adults" play so little? i guess that proves our superiority to children. we don't need play. we already know everything that play has to offer. (i hope everyone--or should i say anyone--reading this understands my sarcasm in those last sentences.) one time aaron and i were "playing" on a playground and a father came with his two children. he kicked a soccer ball around with his son and told his little daughter to go play on the playground. when he finally gave in to her requests for him to come push her on the swings, he was on his phone texting while he pushed her. he missed a few swings, obviously, and what the heck! play, man! get on the slide with your kid. i could be a total hypocrite. i have no idea, and i have no kids.

on a completely different note from play, but on a very common note for this blog, i have some more observations about aaron's eating habits. sometimes, right when he wakes up, he'll walk into the kitchen and if there happens to be a chocolatey treat laying around, he will have more desire to eat it then any other time of the day. i have seen him eat cookies and chocolate cake while he is still basically half asleep. yet, this morning, when i asked him if he would want waffles for breakfast, he said yes, but with the tone that he was only doing it because he suspected that that is what i wanted. i finally got him to admit, in almost these exact words, that waffles are good, but if they were chocolate they would be better. so, i made him chocolate waffles.

when i asked him to get the syrup out of the fridge, he also grabbed the chocolate syrup. chocolate waffles weren't enough?

i have realized that since aaron doesn't write on this blog and i do, most everything is about aaron and food. yet, i believe you--the potential reader--may in fact be geting a greater look into myself as well by reading what i write. but if anyone wants to know a little more straightforwardly about my life, i'll try to give a few highlights here:

--i was in moscow, idaho for a dance festival last week. i took lots of amazing classes, a few weird ones, saw some amazing dances from students at other universities, and plenty of weird ones, and got to perform a group piece and my solo piece at the festival.

--i am plowing my way through my classes, with the end in sight. only 18 or some days of classes left! i have decided to go to graduation, at least to the ceremony where i walk across the stage and take some awkward pictures holding my diploma.

--if you have forgotten what i look like, here is a picture.
i have been holding spoons a lot lately. and pointing them at people as if holding a magic wand. i didn't notice there was hair in my mouth until aaron showed me the picture. he said there is always hair in my mouth.


  1. Rach I love you. I love you blog. And I love that you and your blog make me laugh. Thank you for blogging and I hope you never stop.

  2. In case I've forgotten what you look like I will be reminded tomorrow! Yea!!