Wednesday, March 19, 2014

5 months

I should be more selective... but I can't be. Each little facial expression is so priceless!

Pointiest tongue...

"Ha-ha, Stacy, you are so silly!"
(That's what I imagine her saying in the next one)

Saddest realization that this next one was out of focus--of course with the best smile ever!

Squinty eyed smile + tongue = the best.

I swear I didn't pose her like this, she just ended up lounging like a Grecian.

Those blue blue eyes.

5 months

--She has become such a real little human person with her own personality!

--She is great at lunging towards what she wants, reaching for it, and grabbing it if possible. She loves the stretchy beaded bracelet I always wear (nursing reminder), and I'm afraid that one of these days she'll pull it apart and choke on the beads.

--She loves high-pitched noises. Aaron loves to appease her by saying "Wee!" in glass-shattering pitches.

--She loves to sing and dance to music--especially Coldplay, says Aaron.

--She loves mirrors.

--I swear her favorite color is green (hence the photos...and St. Patricks Day, I guess). She is always reaching towards green towels, green bowls, green pillows... or maybe MY favorite color is green, and she's just reaching towards the things in our house.

--After a week of terror, we decided to follow the Happiest Baby plan for sleeping. She is great at falling asleep, she was just waking up all the time in the night. I was super hesitant because "the plan" would mean going BACK to swaddling, and getting OUT of her crib and into a swing. But, the past couple nights have been significantly better, so no complaints here. I was kicking myself for not doing "the plan" from Day 1.

--We started feeding her some pureed sweet potatoes. At first, she didn't know what to do with them, but now she loves them! We aren't super consistent--solids aren't really any source of calories for her yet--but it's fun to get her down to her diaper, put her in her tub, and let her paint herself orange.

--We tried peas, too. She hated them :) But don't we all?

--I think she is getting disinterested in her own toys and would rather play with adult stuff--wooden spoons, paper, plastic containers...any electronic devices.

--She's still pretty small. Before she was born, Aaron got her some Apple onesies, thinking they would be one of the first things she ever wore. He keeps asking me when she'll wear them, but they are way too big. Some brands of 3/6 size clothes are still too big. I love that she's small, but there are some things I am dying to get her in, like her shiny, leopard Sperry sliders and her tie-dye dress from Wild Child in Madison.

--She's a bundle of joy, and pretty demanding about getting all the attention she deserves :)