Tuesday, April 19, 2011

the new age of egg dying

i have never before craved hard-boiled eggs. i guess that means it's easter time. just to prove that i have never had such a craving, i had to look up a recipe for hard-boiled eggs. aaron is currently re-laughing at that fact. anyway, after i made them, my desire changed. why not dye these eggs? i went to the store and found these because i couldn't immediately find a box that contained the tools to it the old fashioned way.

it was a little alarming how fast the ink came out of these little q-tips. so we worked quickly. well, as least i worked quickly.

aaron took his time to ponder and make a creative plan. by the time i was done, he had only used one color.

as you can see, my three eggs were finished and sitting in the carton while he was still working. and you thought i was the creative one. aaron made an american flag.

now we can welcome easter in the right way. with colored eggs. and i bought candy, too.

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