Thursday, April 21, 2011

Acronyms & Finals

Finals are over! I almost can't believe it happened! I will have to give credit to Rachel for any good grades I may take away from my exams this semester. She is an acronym/wordplay genius.

Las night I had to cram half of a semester's worth of Organization Behavior into my brain. I had only a few hours between work and the testing center. As I sat down trying to figure out how I could possibly shove the countless organizational terms into my head, Rach -the organizational mastermind- came to my rescue. She quickly teaches me the ways of cramming. Geographical, functional, process, customers.... she shouts, "Find Gum Poor Chicken!" Im seemed like a strange command for any chicken, let alone a poor one. "No!" she says, "it is for the acronym, FGPC." Bam! Problem solved, those set of terms certainly won't leave my brain now.

Some other highlights include:
  • I Always Eat The Pretty Apple Sauce
  • i WENT to South Carolina
  • My TOES influence organization structure
  • CACAC (sounded like a seizure)
That test proved to be no match for odd sounds and funny sentences

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