Thursday, April 21, 2011

easter comes early

on monday, when i had my intense craving for hard-boiled eggs, which turned into egg dying, i had a moment of inspiration while i was at smith's looking for egg dye. i saw easter egg baskets, fluffy grass stuff, and thought "i should make aaron an easter basket!"

with my plan in place, i went to bed last night anxious to transform into the easter bunny sometime in the night. i was actually planning on just waking up when our alarm goes off (the first time) and going out to hide chocolate eggs and such. usually aaron sleeps for another 20 minutes after the first alarm. but, i found myself waking up quite frequently in the night, anxious that i had missed my window of opportunity to go hide eggs. when i woke up at 4, i decided i would just get out of bed and get the deed done now. well, aaron actually woke up and asked where i was going. kind of a funny question. what did he expect me to say? walmart? so i said i was going to the bathroom.

i did, actually, go to the bathroom, which currently has no light because something is wrong with our electricity. so i turned the kitchen light on to brighten it up in there. that also gave me enough light to take the bowl of chocolate eggs and hide them around our tiny living room. the door to our bedroom was open, and i was quite afraid that aaron would wake up and, yet again, curiously ask me what i was doing (or be creeped out that i was sneaking around the living room). so with a few eggs hidden, i got back into bed and slept for 2 more hours.

6'o'clock strikes. the alarm goes off, and i excitedly tell aaron "i think i saw the easter bunny in our living room last night." his reply, "really?" he seemed so sincere. he confessed laster that he just thought i was being sleepy and delusional, possibly still dreaming. but after a minute, he understood what i was trying to tell him, and got up to find eggs.

these pictures were pre-putting-on-glasses. he really couldn't see anything. he walked right past the sofa and didn't even see his easter basket...

once all the candy was found (thanks to corrective vision), he finally saw his basket.

you may be wondering why i decided to do this on the thursday before easter? well, tomorrow is graduation. i will be getting into a ridiculously large gown and a funny looking cap around 7:00 in the morning. my commencement ceremony is at 8:00 a.m. then, saturday morning, at 7:25 a.m. we will be boarding a plane to cancun! we are trying to bring as little as possible--how much do you really need on an all-inclusive trip?--so i thought an easter basket sticking out of my carry-on might be a little obvious.

happy early easter!

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  1. Your blog has proved yet again to make me laugh out loud! Thank you! SOunds like a fun Easter celebration!