Tuesday, April 19, 2011

a day of beautiful things

last saturday, my ex-roommate, lauren, got married. he's graduated and she is graduating, and somehow they decided to have their wedding on the first day of finals. i actually had a scheduled final that day, but luckily, my teacher was e-mailing it to us and we had from 2:30-5:30 to finish it and e-mail it back. that was right between lauren's ceremony and her reception.

minus the momentary stress of getting lost with vale as we tried to get to lauren's house after the ceremony so i could take my test and trying to take the test fast enough to get back to the joseph smith memorial building by 4:45 to take bride's maids pictures, it was a very beautiful day, filled with beautiful things.

the beautiful salt lake temple where my two friends were sealed in the most beautiful way

beautiful tulips blossoming on the temple grounds

the beautiful couple (and a very beautiful bride)

my beautiful friends and beautiful friendships with a beautifully wind-blown veil

a beautifully twisted tree and a beautiful moment of sunshine

the beautiful bouquet

beautiful blossoming trees (finally)

and beautiful magelby's chocolate cake.


  1. Thanks Rach! I'm so glad you were there- thanks for rushing through your final to be there with us! I love you!

  2. Thanks Rach- I'm so glad you were there! I love you!