Friday, April 8, 2011

master mucus

this morning i woke up. i got out of bed. aaron was still trying to save his last seconds in bed. i walked into the bathroom (on the other side of our apartment). i look in the shower. big, black spider. i'm not really sure how scary it was, because i didn't have my glasses on. but i started calling to aaron, and knowing that he wouldn't respond, ran back into the bedroom to get him to kill it.

yes, i could have killed it. i'm not that much of a whimpy girl, but it was sure fun to watch him do it.

now, most conversations within the first 5 minutes of waking up are pretty incoherent and this was no exception. i think what i said was "baby! baby! master mmm-huuuuge spider in the bathtub! come kill it quick before it runs away and i get scared!" aaron just started laughing. "this is not a time for laughter!" i said. laughter gets more riotous. "i'm glad you think something about this is funny," says i. i guess he heard me refer to the spider as master mucus. i'm not really sure what i was trying to say by starting off my exclamation with "master".

this laughter served as a mini dose of energy, because he got out of bed and stumbled into the bathroom. after checking out the spider, he decided he would need more than a shoe to kill this sucker. i don't know why. i stayed in the bathroom to make sure it didn't run away while aaron went to find his weapon of destruction....but it started running! i called aaron to come faster and he came back with a broom and a bottle of comet. "what are you doing with comet?" i asked. for a moment i thought he was thinking he would clean the bathtub after he got spider guts all over it. that was a silly thought. he replied, as if he had done this many times before, "you pour it on him and he won't be able to move." well, he tried that. i think he poured out about half the bottle onto master mucus before the spider stopped moving. he had actually never done that before. he just thought it would be fun.

well, after master mucus was conquered, i took advantage of the comet in the bathtub, handed aaron a sponge, and told him he might as well clean it! and, wouldn't master mucus be a great name for a video game villan?

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  1. Oh my gosh I'm reading this in a group meeting right now where I'm supposed to be working on the project everyone else is working on and it's all I can do from laughing out loud!!!! I'm dying!!