Monday, January 3, 2011


seeing as this was the first holiday season that aaron and i have been married, we decided everything we did on those special holidays (apart from family traditions) had to become our traditions. at least that is what we said on christmas eve morning. however, if we stuck to that plan, every year our holiday would include some wonderful things, and some things we could do away with:

christmas eve
- i will traditionally do a headstand on aaron's belly in the morning
- we will traditionally read a book in bed
- we will traditionally watch "contact", or perhaps some other movie produced in the nineties that we remember to be much better than it actually is, hence feeling like we wasted christmas eve
- i will traditionally fall down the stairs and slide on my butt

christmas day
- we will traditionally read a christmas book by the fireplace
- we will traditionally kill zombie nazis, making us feel like we have lost the feeling of christmas
- we will traditionally become pirates and defeat the other ships on the sea
- we will traditionally stay up until midnight playing games

new years eve
- i will tradtionally cook all afternoon and wash lots and lots of dishes
- aaron will traditionally improve his resume
- we will traditionally make homemade pizzas, and even have a slight disaster when we can't figure out how to get the pizza from the table to the pizza stone
- we will traditionally play "sonic heros" for several hours, only beating two levels and drinking sprite with orange and pomegranate ice (aaron was poking fun at me for saving our juice in ice form, but look now how it came in handy to make a delicious drink!)
- we will traditionally watch "salt", or perhaps some other movie produced in the current year that we haven't yet seen
- we will traditionally miss the arrival of the new year, but realize it happened five minutes later

new years day
- we will traditionally sleep until 11
- we will traditionally go for a freezing cold walk through a park where ducks will laugh (or quack) at aaron's jokes, then our toes will freeze and we will run back to the car
- aaron's neck will traditionally get very, very sore, and i will spend a few hours trying to heal it
- we will traditionally watch a few hours of "arrested development", or perhaps some other televsion series that we haven't watched before
- we will traditionally play farkle and blokus, or perhaps some other fabulous new games that we got, while eating oreo balls and drinking more sparkling drink
- we will tradtionally watch "tiger in the snow", or perhaps some other foriegn movie that i love, but i will fall asleep during it

we may have created some terrible tradtions, but we created some pretty great ones too!

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