Sunday, January 16, 2011

words from the wise

this year for christmas, aaron and i got a lot of funny and interesting books. i thought i might share some of the words of wisdom from these books:

1. "the viking book of aphorisms" by w.h. auden and louis kronenberger
"a woman who cannot be ugly is not beautiful." - kraus
"a man who could not seduce men cannot save them either." - kierkeguard
"everyone has talent at twenty-five. the difficulty is to have it at fifty." - degas

2. "the superior person's book of words" by peter bowler
bavardage n. foolish or empty chatter. attracts the adjective mere, in contradistinction to words such as balderdash or poppycock, which attract the adjective absolute
lexiphanic a. given to the use of pretentious terminology, such as the word lexiphanic

3. "500 ways to change the world" by the global ideas bank
371- set up a living-room in your street
102- design a dollhouse to encourage green goals
478- lend books as a novel way to cut crime
271- make the small print as large as the large print
49- empower the homeless through musical means

4. "if ignorance is bliss, why aren't there more happy people?" by john lloyd and john mitchinson
"i don't even know what street canada is on." - al capone
"i don't do drugs. i am drugs." - salvador dali
"looking for fish? don't climb a tree." - chinese proverb

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