Saturday, December 25, 2010

there is superstition

i know the date says it is christmas day, but this post is not actually about christmas. this post is about our adventurous hike in arizona to the superstition mountains. now, by adventurous, of course i mean taking a group hike with a tour guide and middle-aged people using walking sticks. oh, and it wasn't really a hike. it was more of a pleasant stroll around the foothills of these pretty awesome looking rocks.

the desert has its beauty though. this wasn't exactly the most beautiful time of year, but i always love the classic saguaro.

the point of this hike, as was advertised on the inter-webs, was that during the hike, you would be able to observe the beautiful sunset. of course, they can't really guarantee that. the evening we went, the sky was covered in clouds and the arizonians were fearing a sprinkling of rain. so, at the point in the hike where the tour guide is used to pausing and pointing out the beautiful sunset, this is all we saw. it was a bit poorly timed, the sun wasn't even really setting yet.

at some point towards the end of our hike, the group decided to pause and talk about birds or something, so aaron and i attempted to take pictures of ourselves. notice aaron's scruffiness. kind of weak, but he's working on it and i am fertilizing his facial hair with love.

just as the hike ended and we were getting in our car, this was the sunset. a little bit better than before...

a definite highlight, however, was finding this glorious institution established in the desert regions of the country. we thought it only existed in the holy midwest. behold....

mmmm. we felt satisfied and greasy for at least a few hours. but those butterburgers melted in our mouths like.... butter.

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