Tuesday, January 18, 2011

i. love. curriculum. vitaes!

yes. i, rachel louise robison, have been quoted to say, with excitement in my eyes that i love curriculum vitaes. that isn't actually the plural of curriculum vitae, it might be something like curricula vita.

yesterday was martin luther king jr day. it mostly consisted of homework for me, and homework, band practice, and group meeting for aaron. we had planned to go to midway to see the "ice castles" in the evening, which we did...but it was a pretty hilarious event.

the whole escapade began with a little song that i wrote on the spot. "we can take our pasta, to go, to go." it was funnier when i was carrying aaron around our kitchen on my back while doing the conga line dance.

we didn't actually take our pasta to go. we ate dinner at home, then left for midway. first we had to stop for cash. oops. aaron didn't bring his debit card, and neither did i. it's okay, chase is supposed to give us cash advances for atm withdrawals. that didn't work either. so we go home again and i get my debit card. by then, however, we figure we can find a bank up in midway.

boy were we wrong.

first we go to a gas station. the atm is out of cash and they don't do cash back. then we go to a grocery store. the grocers says they give cash back on debit transactions. we buy five chocolates for one dollar, i swipe my card, it goes through as credit. no cash back. the grocer, in fact, knows nothing. seven eleven? they also don't do cash back. finally we succumb to use an atm with a $2.50 fee. bah.

but finally we make it to the ice castle. a make shift area was set up in downtown midway where some man sprinkles water on structures and makes these ice-dripping things.

don't you think you could get lost in there? it looks like an awesome ice cave.... and these next guys on top of the structure, they remind me of the russian dancing flowers from fantasia. anyone remember them?

boogey men?

we really only walked around for about 20 minutes, mostly trying to set up the camera so that it could take a timed picture of us. we only really got one semi-success...the one posted above.

notice the grainy pictures? someday i'll be good a taking pictures...or maybe a better camera would do the trick. but that's beside the point. it was a fun evening in celebrating of martin luther king jr. and i had a crazy dream that night...

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  1. yay! I'm glad you went. We didn't make it but I'm hoping this weekend. Love you!