Sunday, January 16, 2011

my last semester!

that's right. this is my last semester of college as far as i know. i am taking mostly dance classes to finish up my major, but i am also taking comparative literature 202 in order to fill my final two general requirements. the amount of literature i have to read is daunting. buying all the novels used from the bookstore cost about $200. i have already ready shakespeare's "king lear" and "the winter's tale" and have thoroughly enjoyed them both. the next beast, however, is "don quixote". i'm excited to read it, but its shear volume gives me the shivers. luckily, basically all we have to do for the class is read. no papers or anything. just reading and interesting discussions in class, a few pop quizzes, and a final.

aaron is into his semester of doom, otherwise known as the business core. if my small tower of enjoyable novels quadrupled in size, put on a business suit, and threw a lot of large group projects at me, i might understand what he is up against. he is a junior in the program, and he is realizing that most of the other kids in his classes are seniors...they chose to save the worst for last. luckily for aaron, somehow these sorts of classes excite him--managerial economics, organizational behavior, something about supply chain, ethics... i don't know. he is in a somewhat undesirable bundle of classes for his "core"--which only comes in bundles. it is undesirable because he has a friday class, which actually turned out to be a blessing because his class sizes are ridiculously small, about 15 kids per class. it is funny that i think that is so ridiculous, when really that is ideal. anyway, he has a lot of work, and i hope he survives with his sanity still as functional as it has been.

on another note, i just finished a book that i am a little bit obsessed with. i started it sometime around christmas break and had to finish it before i started into "don quixote". it is called "how we decide" by jonah lehrer. it is all about the brain and what actually happens in our brains as we approach the task of making decisions. he presents a lot of really fascinating studies and cases about people (and sometimes rats or monkeys) making decisions, or not being able to make decisions. i would seriously recommend this book to all, since we all make decisions. perhaps if we learn more about it, we will all make better decisions, save more on our car insurance, and not get stuck with that ugly sweater we end up hating a month later. (the book talks about more meaningful things, as well)

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