Tuesday, August 30, 2011

organization, please!

Does anyone's closet really look like this?

Where things that are hanging are not packed together as tightly as possible, and shelves have stacks of only two or three items, perfectly folded?

I'm sure you are sitting there saying "no."

I hope you are sitting there saying "no."

With a little work last night, my closet went from this...

...to this...

Perhaps you see no difference, but after replacing the lightbulb with a brighter one, straightening clothes, organizing them by type (and color), stacking flats, and purchasing some nice bins from Target, it feels much better. There are still piles that are a little taller than I would like, but can that really be avoided? Not to mention that beautiful dresser we painted is packed to the brim with all the stuff that didn't fit in the closet. Sometimes the drawers don't close. (Really I just need to get rid of the ridiculous amount of t-shirts I have accumulated over the years.) That is still on the list of things to do.

Is it strange that I have dreams of having only wooden hangers in my closet? No more plastic garbage! Especially no wire, please.

I also had the thought of creating a closet pole that has evenly spaced indents so that your hangers will always have the perfect distance between each other. When I told Aaron, he said "There is a niche market for that." What he meant was, "There are plenty of other freaks like you who would get extremely excited about more ways to micromanage their closets."

So what? I'm proud that I can make my closet look better. However, I still haven't figured out the best dirty laundry system. Right now I have mesh pop-up hampers from my freshman year in college that are ripping apart. Not to mention they are all different shapes and sizes and take up an awkward amount of space on the closet floor. (Not pictured due to dirty laundry.) A hamper thing with 4 containers at Target costs $50. That seems a little much for dirty laundry receptacles, but maybe that's just the way it is. 

Any brilliant hamper ideas for a limited space closet?


  1. Hey Rachy Rach. Can you tell I spend too much time on Blogger? Anyways...we actually have our wicker hamper in our bathroom/laundry room. It has really worked well because it eliminates the "transfer dirty clothes to the laundry room" step. If you get an attractive one with a lid they can be really nice to look at.

    Oh, and I'm all for those "self-spacing" hangers.

  2. Oh, I was going to say that it has actually been the most convenient place for our hamper since the majority of the time we have dirty clothes right before/after we shower.

  3. I have gone through periods of this same Organization Madness. Sometimes these days, when it strikes, I refer to it as the Optimization of my Lifestyle System. But I'm also stricken with the opposite urge--more often than when I was younger--and significant parts of me (liver? right leg?) want to keep all my clothes in three or four piles; to eat only from dirty dishes; and so on. These are the "Give Up!" League, and I can't tell whether they are warriors on the side of easy-goingness and serenity or melancholy and despair. What do you think?