Tuesday, September 6, 2011

thoughts from a younger me

As I was attempting to organize our mess of a "study," and making it even more of a mess in the process, I came across my first diary. It was started on Christmas of 1998. I was 10. Aaron decided he wanted to read it so he could get to know the me he never knew. Some things we came across were so funny, I felt it necessary to share them.

First, we found lots of proof of the influence of my father--

*January 1, 1999: "Today was boring. 2 exciting things happened. I saw the movie Bugs Life. It was so good. And the Badgers won the Rose Bowl!!! Yeah! Yeah! The End.

*January 3, 1999: "...Packers lost in their first playoff game! By 8 points. We were all really mad."

*January 26, 1999: "In the evening my dad pinkie swore that if I beat him in rummicube I get to miss school!"..."Dad told me to write this...'I love you'."

*January 31, 1999: "Tonight was the Super Bowl! Broncos won vs. Falcons. That sucks. Bye."

*September 18, 1999: "...It's weird. I try to fit in this family and every second they change so its hard. One second my daddy loves football. The next when I try to 'fit in' he doesn't love it anymore."

*November 7, 2000: "Today was election day. I HOPE GORE WINS! But Bush is in the lead. Dore is gonna win though, I know it."

(I can't remember if that was influence from my dad or from kids at school...)

*January 2, 2001: "I am gonna give you a list of good movies: The Art of War, The War, The Grinch, 102 Dalmatians, 10 Things I Hate About You..."

*July 10, 2001: "So here are a list of Pro's and Con's about  moving [to Taos, NM]: Pros--something new, get to write letters, get to visit, dad happier. Cons--leave friends, give lots up, poorer. Pros and Cons about remodling: Pros--bigger house, have a project, stay with friends. Cons---unhappy dad, have house under construction"

I love you Daddy!

Here are some other funny entries--

*March 23, 1999: "Today was so bad! I had a sore throat and once I get home from dance, my mom tells me that over Spring Break we're going to Disneyland. But that's when Amanda's B-day is!"

(Seriously? What kind of child isn't bouncing with excitement to go to Disneyland?)

*May 16, 1999: "What did I do when I was a baby? Eat sand, eat dirt, hide in the cupboard, and walk around saying 'Bay bay' supposed to be 'Baby'."

*November 20, 2000: "My blue satin pants finally came and fit perfectly."

(I hadn't gotten over my Spice Girls phase yet)

*December 4, 2000: "Well, it ends up I got my mom for her birthday Christmas plates and for Christmas a chainsaw and a necklace."

(If any of you are wondering what to get your mom for Christmas, go with a chainsaw and a necklace.)

*January 31, 2001: "I think it's weird how all a sudden I really care how I look. All my clothes are grungy so that makes it hard to be matching and stylin'!"

(It's like I was conscious of the subtle effects of puberty while it was happening)

*February 18, 2001: "Just 2 minutes ago, my wishing fairy broke. I'm so depressed. She was given to me by my Grandma Marlene, who died. The bubble shattered to pieces. That teaches me not to care about physical beauty. I was reaching for a hand treatment and nail polish when my hand slipped and the wishing fairy fell to its doom."

(What a great connection I made. Caring for physical beauty will cause valuable objects to break.)

*April 1, 2001: "April Fools Day! Today we played a big trick on Chuck [my friend's dad]. We put bread and big checkers pieces on the floor by his bedroom door. Then we put toilet paper across the hallway so he was stuck except he ran through. We put glitter on the bathroom door and shaving cream on the toilet seat. Then we put raw wild rice in one of his pancakes!"

(Bread and checkers on the floor...now that's my idea of a great prank!)


  1. Maybe you should start another blog that is written by the 10-year-old Rachel.

  2. Oh my gosh this is hilarious! Thank you for sharing Rach- I'm glad to get to know the you I never knew too :)