Monday, August 22, 2011


A few months after Aaron and I got married, my cousin Leanna was moving and donated her old dresser to us. We were very grateful, because up until that point I believe we were storing all of our unhung clothes on a worn down bookshelf--which basically meant piles and piles of t-shirts spilling everywhere.

With our recent move to a new apartment, we wanted to upgrade the old, two-toned dresser. I read lots and lots of things online about painting veneer furniture. Lots of people were total skeptics, but since we found at least a few people who did go through with it, we decided to cast sail and try our luck.

Step one: Sand. Grandpa had a pretty powerful electric sander in his work room that Aaron used. Though with the first layer of primer we could really tell the sanded areas from the non-sanded areas, I'm pretty sure the main purpose of sanding was to prepare the surface to adhere to the primer. Aaron started our really thoroughly sanding, then he got more and more lax about it. Luckily, it really didn't matter in the end.

Step two: Primer. Two coats. It looked better already.

Step three: Paint! We went with "Weeping Willow". Yet again, two coats.
Step four: Rub-on Varnish.
Step five: New hardware.

We are pretty pleased. And yes, that is our new apartment in the background. More pictures to come once things are actually put away.

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