Tuesday, August 23, 2011

back to school

Yes. It is almost back to school for Aaron.
And me.

Wait. What? I graduated.

This is true. I am an adjunct dance faculty now, teaching a Dance 240 class (Contemporary Dance Technique & Theory 1) and I am an honorary Friday-only Dance 243 teacher. So it will be back to school for me on Monday, too.

You know how the first day of school you get all your syllabi and are told all that is expected of you and you feel completely overwhelmed? Turns out that is pretty much the same story for the first day as a teacher that you have meetings, are handed your syllabus, and are told all that is expected of you.


It just hit me that I have a class of 25 students who are expecting to learn something from me. The funny thing is, I'm sure the faculty that know me have some faith that I can teach decently well, but mostly I was known for dancing skills, not teaching skills. I can teach dancing skills, but can I teach them well?

Not only am I supposed to teach these 25 students, but I am supposed to be an example and mentor for one of the student teachers who has taken far more educational and teaching classes than I ever did, and is preparing to go out and teach in high schools. I am supposed to be an example of everything they should be doing (and I still can't really accompany on the drum), and give them feedback about how they can improve, then give them a grade at the end.

Feeling very humbled? Yes.

This will be a wonderful learning experience for me. I am excited to plan my semester out, create exercises that will help my students improve, and just have a good time with them. I hope they are forgiving of all my shortcomings.


  1. No matter how many times you have taught you will still have all the same worries and insecurities (okay... maybe there comes a point when it gets better...) but I want you to know that no matter how poorly you may FEEL you are doing, you will be a great teacher. People will love you for your enthusiasm and effort. They will be inspired by your fabulous movement. They will be attracted to you for you sweet and fun personality. Read Hebrews 10:35 (?) often to remind you not to cast away your confidence! You will do GREAT!

  2. You will do great! It is really scary to be a teacher for the first time - it can make you feel like a fraud, but I guarantee you're not. At first, every time you tell students something you already know, it'll feel like you're talking down to them. But you aren't - they don't know the concepts that feel basic to you, and they WANT to. Just keep checking in to make sure you're going at the right pace - you'll be surprised how intuitive it is.