Tuesday, May 31, 2011

spontaneity leads to bryce canyon

aaron and i were planning a little camping trip with my cousin melanie and her husband beau for the friday and saturday of memorial day weekend. we packed a little food, even less clothing, a tent, some sleeping bags, and some blankets, but that was about it.

once all four of us got in the car together, we decided that it was too rainy and grey in the valley near provo, so we were going to drive south until the sun started shining. well, that soon turned into us chanting that we were going to california, and the beach, and stopping by the grand canyon on the way. the only problem was that this trip didn't really start until about 6:00 p.m. friday night, and after a few hours of driving in the car, feeling already the warmth of southern utah, the clear skies, and the fact that it was already dark, we decided to stop a little bit before california.

we miraculously found a camp site in fremont indian state park in the fish lake national forest. we set up our tent, got a fire going and set out all our fixings for some foil dinners.

we weren't exactly sure what to expect the next morning when we woke up, since we weren't able to see anything around the campgrounds the first night. but we were pleased with what we found.

we had decided that instead of the grand canyon, we were going to go to bryce canyon. it was just a few hours from where we were, so we packed up our things and headed out to the beautiful red rocks. only melanie had ever been to bryce canyon, so we were all very excited.

again, we were lucky to find a camp site that was open on the busy holiday weekend, this time right in the park. we set up our stuff and got hiking! due to the fact that photos are such a hassle to post on blogger, the pictures will be in the next post. we had a fabulous time and a long hike that included a run in with a rattle snake, getting caught in a wind storm and being continually ambushed by japanese hikers.

once we were hot and tired, we thought we would try going for a swim in a reservoir that we saw on the map nearby. instead of swimming, we found a canoe that had three life vests in it, paddles, and an unopened can of squirt. we hijacked the canoe, went out to a little island in the reservoir, found some goose eggs in a nest, and came back without getting caught.

on our way back, we stopped in the little town, went to the ruby inn and jumped in the swimming pool there, took some showers, headed back to the campsite for hot chocolate and more foil dinners, tried to sleep with the hurricane winds blowing our tent over, packed up the next morning and headed back home. we made it back in time to shower, nap, and get over to the kowallis house for most exceptionally delicious sunday dinner!

it was a complete success of a spontaneous weekend.

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