Friday, May 13, 2011

spawn of mucus

writing this blog, i never know if anyone really reads it. however, there was on blog post that brought me more feedback than ever before...master mucus. so if you liked that story, i'm hoping you may also like this one.

aaron and i return home from a picnic in the park one evening to find "a huge spider". aaron is the one that saw it. i refused to come out of the bathroom until he killed it. actually, he said, it wasn't as big as master mucus.

aaron and i have two different methods of killing spiders. mine is more instinctual. i try to find something to throw at it or stomp it with. aaron, however, is much more creative. as you learned from the pouring of comet on master mucus in attempts to stun him, aaron had another brilliant idea. the stituation, however, was a bit more tricky, because during the time that aaron was plotting the most cruel murder, this spider scuttled into a small hole in our wall.

aaron wasn't going to let him go that easily, though. so, as the tradition follows to kill spiders with cleaning supplies, aaron grabs some "awesome cleaner", exclaiming that he would "bleach him out!"

once i heard the spider was hiding in a hole, i came out to review the situation. i wasn't fully convinced that the bleach had totally killed the spider, so i suggested we smoke him out. aaron looked at me like i had just announced that we had won a million dollars, and quickly lit the tip of a pencil on fire and shoved it in the hole. we heard some sizzles, and aaron swears there were bug guts on the tip of the pencil. we smoked him again, just to be sure.

and we haven't seen the spawn of mucus since.


  1. You can rest assured that you have a hearty and dedicated contingent of readers in central and southern Arizona. In fact, we frequently discuss your posts at our meetings. Persist!

  2. Yes, you were right. I enjoyed this one just as much! Thanks for sharing!

  3. Today I killed a spider with my bare hands. Yes, it was a small spider, but I squashed the life out of it. I'm not proud of that. But if it didn't have so many legs and scurry around so quickly I wouldn't have this instinctual reaction.