Friday, May 20, 2011


i was inspired by a project that a former byu student started. it is called the nap time dance project. i think it is a pretty awesome idea. the purpose of the project is to give mothers who are also dancers an opportunity to choreograph, dance, and have dance related discussions. interested mommies/dancers submit audition videos to become a company member for a season. people from anywhere can join, because it is all done over the internet. no actual meetings, no live performances, just video projects and written posts.

unfortunately, since i don't have a baby, i can't join the nap time dance project. but i thought, what the heck! i'll film myself dancing anyways!

so here is my first attempt. i know i am breaking several film rules, like keeping your clips between 5 - 7 seconds long, and getting mostly closeups. mostly this was an experiment for me to start to see what i could do. if you are it!


  1. Awesome Rach. The beginning is fantastic! I also really liked the movement in the frame where you could see the whole kitchen cupboard/sink/counter area (when you were on your feet) - great movement! You are still the most beautiful dancer I know!

  2. Great perspective and music and dancing! I know your floor is clean.