Wednesday, December 22, 2010

a bit belated

for his birthday, my parents sent aaron an edible arrangement, aka a bouquet of fruit that we ate for breakfast. along with the bouquet came a mug, which was desperately needed for hot chocolate use, and a helium balloon. i tied aaron's birthday balloon to one of our kitchen chairs and let it fly, proclaiming that as long as the helium lasted, his birthday would continue.

well, it lasted quite a while. we left for thanksgiving, and when we came home, it was still flying. another week went it really normal for these balloons to stay full all this time? i thought they began to deflate within a few days.

finally, we were doing some spring cleaning in the middle of winter, in hopes that a clean apartment would help us study for finals better, and aaron decided to kill his birthday.

that's right. though his eyes in the picture look more like he was tripping on something, he was actually a little bit insane...determined to kill his birthday. and so he took a knife to his balloon, swallowed some helium quite unsuccessfully (he just started laughing instead of speaking like a munchkin as long as possible), and thus ended the 22nd birthday of aaron robison.

rest in peace.

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