Wednesday, December 8, 2010

blender mania

after returning from madison with a few more target gift cards, aaron and i decided to go romp around target and see what we could find. we found ourselves in the blender aisle for quite a while, seeing as a blender is about the only kitchen appliance we did not receive from our wedding.

there were the classic osterizers on the shelf, kitchen aid, hamilton beach, but my eyes were drawn to the ninja. as seen on tv, the ninja doesn't only have one set of blades at the bottom of the jar like your typical blender, but two additional sets going up a rod through the middle of the jar. this, i thought, would solve the problem of making thick smoothies that get stuck all that time. we pondered and thought and debated and giggled about the ninja, but for some reason, we went instead with a hamilton beach wave action blender, which professed that it never gets stuck. so, we went home with blender number one.
however, after a day to think about it, i decided i wasn't satisfied with little hamilton. plus, the instruction manual said that you needed at least a cup of liquid to guarantee a non-sticking blending process. i didn't like that. i like my milkshakes and smoothies thick. so, i quite easily convinced aaron that we should go back to target and trade in hamilton for the ninja. monday night, done. we come home with blender number two... the ninja. hi-ya!
well, what do you know, but the next day, as i'm sitting on the couch doing some homework, there arrives a box at our door from macy's. aaron isn't home, but i open it and to my surprise...a blender! my parents sent us the kitchen aid architect as a christmas present. well, this was quite the predicament...which blender should we keep? let me as you this question: if a ninja and an architect were to battle with only a few metal blades, who would win?

you guessed it! the architect! after reading several reviews that didn't really convince us either way, we took the two beasts out and examined them. the ninja had a great locking container, pouring spout in the lid, and of course the multiple blades. the architect, however, was much sturdier, had the bent blades which are more effective, and had mom's review behind it. so we finally went with the kitchen aid.

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