Friday, November 19, 2010

Use #40, Photoshop Diva

About a month before we got married I was walking on-campus. While I was walking, I stumbled upon an outdoor sale of books on clearance. I hardly payed any attention to it; however, just as I was passing the last disordered table of books, something caught my eye. It read, "39 uses for a wife." I stopped. It was the contrast that caught my attention. Nestled between piles of pale computer programming books from the 90's sat this colorful book. I picked it up, and read. As someone who would soon be getting married, I figured it wouldn't hurt to catch up on all of the 39 uses for a wife. I realized that the author was stretching his imagination for additional uses at about use #12 when it showed the couple in a canoe and the wife's use was "ballast." Well, needless to say, "uses for a wife" and "uses for a husband" quickly became a joke between Rachel and I, especially when I asked her for my potential uses and she couldn't even get to use #2 and immediately forgot what she had in mind for use #1.

For my birthday this year, Rachel must have felt bad about leaving me hanging at use #2 and getting to claim all 39 wife uses for herself. She made me my very own book to register my hubandly traits. It's titled, "22 uses for my husband." She downloaded a trial version of photoshop and went to town creating the beast. When she gave it to me, I couldn't stop laughing. Almost every page featured me doing things in my wedding suit, from mowing the lawn to doing the dishes. One of my personal favorites is use #3 "Masseur" -the page has some random lady's legs photoshopped onto the scene. The lady at the copy center helping Rachel put the book together complimented her photoshop abilities, I agree... Use #40 Photoshop Diva.

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  1. Rachel, you are the coolest. You really are a photoshop diva. And I can tell you are a fabulous wife. Hope you guys are enjoying life together! Love ya! -Cami