Thursday, November 18, 2010

happy birthday!

today, 22 years ago, aaron was born. i haven't heard really any birthing stories about aaron yet, except for the whole incidence with his left arm--and that is probably enough of a story, at least for his parents' well beings. but as far as what time of day, whether it was snowing or not (i was wishing it would be snowing this morning, but unfortunately, i think aaron and i are the only people in provo praying for it to snow), whether he was a quick delivery or hours and hours of labor...i really don't know. those are usually the kinds of things that get talked about annually on birthdays, at least at my house, and i think for good reason. a little reminiscing is always good, even if it is the same story every time. plus, this was the start of your life, the single most important and vital event ever for your existence, since your existence was dependent on your birth. so why not know your birth story like the back of your hand? perhaps when we head up to the robison's this weekend, i can get the whole story of aaron's feeble beginnings.

well, i'm not going to post a list of things i love about aaron in honor of him. i'll just tell all those things to him, instead of make him read it through the internet. but suffice it to say that i'm glad aaron survived the journey from the blissful state of womb-living to the harsh, not-nearly-as-gooey world of the developed human beings.

and yes, we will be celebrating with magleby's chocolate cake.

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