Tuesday, November 9, 2010

"this deserves stomach acid!"

aaron got accepted into the strategy program! this is especially amazing, since when he applied for the business major when he got home from his mission, he didn't get accepted. a few weeks later, they--those hoity-toity business know-it-all's--realized they made a terrible mistake and came begging on their knees for aaron to accept them. aaron glared down his nose at them and said yes.

next, he applies for the strategy emphasis, which only takes 40 students a year. there were definitely over a hundred other students hoping to make the cut, but they were just pretending. aaron's the real deal. he wrote his application essay inspired by an article from a BYU professor (brown-nosing? maybe a little. but his aim was unique. it wasn't your typical this is why I'm great, sell-yourself essay). then, his interview a month later was with the same professor who wrote the article! they just shot the breeze for the 15 minutes they had scheduled together, and now aaron is official one of the 40 strategy students!

another awesome thing--aaron applied, technically, as a sophmore, but he'll be graduating april 2012. finishing school in three years. we are all about efficiency.

anyways, i decided we had to celebrate by getting some of our favorite foods from various places. okay, maybe this was just my attempt at avoiding having to eat mac and cheese for dinner. first, we got sweet potato fries from guru's--best in town. in the meantime, we ordered peshwari naan from the local indian restaurant, bombay house, and picked it up right after we got our sweet potato fries. we sped home, downed our fries, ran out of the delicious sauce, made dulce de leche hot chocolate, and ate our peshwari naan. mmmmm.

anyway, congratulations aaron!

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