Sunday, October 21, 2012

photo a day.4

October 15, 2012: I failed at taking a single picture this day, so here is a screenshot of a pretty brick wall in a condo we found this day that is too expensive for us to buy.
October 16, 2012: Yet another rainbow across the sky.

October 17, 2012: Another day I almost failed--or you could say I failed because this picture is boring.

October 18, 2012: I had to Google "What is liquid smoke?"

October 19, 2012: Bu-rri-to. Bu-rri-to. 

October 20, 2012: I didn't know these were still available for purchase...
October 21, 2012: What a cutie. If I had had a camera on hand, I would have taken a picture of one of our 5-year-old primary girls helping one of our 5-year-old primary boys try to button his top shirt button as they were sitting on the stand for the primary program.

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