Monday, June 18, 2012

homecoming #1

Last weekend, my cousin, Jeffrey Kowallis, came home from his mission to Kentucky. As is tradition, he gave a talk in church the following Sunday--and a very wonderful talk at that--and then his family had a little party at their house. I thought I'd take the role of photographer since his parents would most likely be quite busy. Unfortunately, I am not the best at getting the the faces and conversations of people I don't know, so I only got a few good pictures.

Karl Kowallis, Grandpa (David) Clark, Jeffrey Kowallis

 Aaron, Beau Stephenson (married to my cousin Melanie Kowallis)

The Clark-side
(I didn't take this picture, so sorry to Erika and Greg for being cut off the edge)

The Kowallis family re-united.

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  1. Rachel -- Thanks for taking care of the photography. You got some great shots.