Wednesday, December 7, 2011

spontaneity is fun

My hair is short. I'm not sure if this was really spontaneous because I have been asking those I trust the most if I should cut my hair short for several, several months.


Last May...

Me: "Hey Fashion-Savvy Beautiful Melanie, what do you think about me cutting my hair off?"
Melanie: "Don't do it. Your hair is beautiful. I'm trying to grow mine out."

Last sometime...

Me: "Hey trusted friend with awesome short hair Emily, I'm thinking about cutting my hair short."
Emily: "Really? Your hair is so awesome. If you do it, though, go all the way."

Last November...

Me: "Yo Mamma who has witnessed several of my spontaneous hair decisions, I want to cut my hair short."
Mamma: "It would probably look cute!"

Thank you, mother!

Last Saturday...

Me: " Valentina, let's go get hair cuts. I'm cutting my hair off."
Valentina: "Really? I need to get a hair cut anyway."
Aaron: "Oh my! You have to do it. You can't come back home until your hair looks different than it is now."


  1. Oh my gosh you did it! I love it!

  2. Very cute! Also, we basically have the same haircut now. I feel like we need to plan a way to take advantage of this come Christmas photo time.

  3. This is the first time I've ever seen you with short hair... AND I LOVE IT! You are beautiful no matter what you do with your hair, but what a bombshell with that haircut! Love you Rach.