Thursday, December 1, 2011

the turkey haze has lifted

Happy Thanksgiving! I think I am finally coming out of my food coma after Thanksgiving feast number one at the Robison's (where more over-eating continued for days afterwards), and pseudo-Thanksgiving semi-feast number two at the Kowallis's Sunday dinner. Then I made pumpkin chocolate chip bread and I seem to be the only one eating it.

Here are some things I've been dreaming about in my blogging absence...

1. Biker friendly Provo.

2. Pincha Mayurasana/Half-scorpion...maybe I should just work on the forearm stand first.

3. A HEADBOARD. The search has gone on too long. I think buying doors at the Re-store is looking like the best option.

4. A haircut like the above...even though I know it will turn out like the below, though probably not as perfectly curled, a lot more frizzy, and not that awesome strawberry blonde.
5. Tan, real leather, flat, ankle high boots. Please, if you have seen such boots anywhere, tell me where! I have been looking for months. (The boots pictured are out of stock online.)

6. Log mini-tables.

7. An oriental rug. 

1 comment:

  1. Agree with #1, could never do #2, old doors might work, your hair is adorable, I want the boots,too, but the log tables and rug won't go well in my new bedroom.

    Thanks for your artistry on the blanket-on-the-cedar-chest portion of our new bedroom!