Monday, October 31, 2011

blank walls be gone

Okay, okay. I know I said I had lost my steam with the whole decorating thing, but something inside me snapped the other day. Suddenly, all those blank walls needed to be filled, and though I was stuck at home with only myself and whatever random supplies I could find, I was going to put things on the walls!

First project: The Craft Room Side of the "Study"

I hot-glued some ribbon to the calendar and picture boards and nailed up some hooks! I also hot-glued some ribbon to the otherwise plain-and-boring cork-boards. I think they look much better. Finally, hung a framed picture that was sitting in our closet, and printed off a quote from Martha Graham about creativity.

Project Next: The First Glance Wall

This is the first wall you see when you walk in the apartment. We had a vision of large black and whites on canvas...but alas, it was too expensive. So one day, I decided I would do whatever it took to decorate that wall. I happen to have 6 pieces of photo paper, one old printer in storage that still had black ink in it ( we have a new printer, it is just currently out of black in), some hemp, clothespins, and tacks. It's not the most impressive display, but for now, it will do.

Project Final: The Kitchen Wall

This project took a little more work. I went to D.I. (thrift store) hoping to find a lamp for our bedroom. I found no lamps, but I did find lots of plates. I spent several minutes going through all the stacks and finding the prettiest and best ones. All 23 plates cost $14.00. The plate hangers, however, were not nearly as cheap.

When I first told Aaron months ago that I wanted to hang plates on the wall, he was never very enthusiastic. Once he saw all these plates laid out in the floor how I wanted them, he told me that when I mentioned putting plates on the wall, he thought I was crazy. He imagined three plates nailed in a line about eye-level and that was it. He soon caught on to my real vision.

Only a few more blank walls left!

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