Monday, October 31, 2011

aaron's secret

Aaron has been long keeping a secret from me.

There is a lot about his mission that I probably don't know. A lot I probably don't care to know. A lot that I probably wouldn't understand.

However, my month-long sickness plus magically getting him to come to Sunflower Market with me, caused one secret from the Dominican Republic to surface. He disappeared from me while I was looking at the boxed teas and I couldn't find him for 5 minutes. When he came back, he had found lemon grass, mint leaves, and ginger--essential ingredients to making tea, he says. Though he spent much of the evening bashing the lousy leaves that didn't even constitute as adequate ingredients for tea, he added some cinnamon sticks and who knows what else and started the water boiling. That night we drank delicious tea like no tea I had ever had before.

On his mission, they would simply pluck leaves off the trees and use them in their teas. The Dominicans would teach him which leaves cured which ailments, and how to properly brew the tea. As Aaron taught me, it's all about your feelings. There's no recipe, there's no correct boiling time, there's just your intuition.

Aaron's intuition was really tasty.

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  1. I say we let Aaron cook dinner next week using his intuition. It could be really good. I'll even buy the ingredients.