Tuesday, September 20, 2011

12 hours

On Tuesdays, Aaron is gone for 12 hours. He has a class at 8:00 a.m., then goes to work, then has more classes from 3:30 until 8:15 p.m.

Tuesdays are also my only day off. By day off, I mean I have absolutely no obligations to work. Aaron also has the car, and thanks to a flat bike tire that means I am pretty much homebound.

So what does Rachel do for 12 hours (mostly) at home?

She cuddles up on the couch to read her scriptures. Then she sets her alarm for 9:00 and takes a wonderful morning nap. (Yoga class was at 6:00 a.m. today)

She heads to the computer to pay some bills, check and reply to her e-mails, demand her security deposit back from the previous landlords, and check her Blog's List updates.

She makes up one and a quarter dances for the production of The Little Match Girl that the dance studio she works at is putting on in December. (It is a really sad story for Christmas time. I had never heard it before now. This poor girl tries to sell matches to make money. Instead, one night, she lights them to try to keep warm. Then she dies. Merry Christmas.) Then she devises a general plan for another dance, and searches Youtube for kid-friendly Hip-Hop Christmas music. She finds "Christmas Everyday" by The Temptations.

She eats salad, a piece of toast, and snacks on the left over chocolate chips that weren't used in cookies.

She decides to make bread, and makes it. While she makes bread, she also makes a batch of steel-cut oats, stores them in 4 mason jars, and refrigerates them for quick and easy morning meals.

Making all these things in the kitchen makes her realize she should probably clean the kitchen floor. So she sweeps, WetJets, and then does the same in the bathroom.

She makes up thirty seconds of another dance while she waits for the bread to be done, then she eats three pieces of hot, fresh bread. One with butter, one with butter and raspberry jam, and one with butter and cinnamon sugar. She likes butter and jam the best.

Next, she spent way too long editing, adjusting, and resizing pictures that she couldn't even walk to the photo place to get them printed because the store would be closed by then. She even put real clothes on to go outside. All in vain.

She then proceeded to get back into comfy clothes, send her students an e-mail with the written version of the combinations they are going to be evaluated on next week, and stare out the window.

If you are still reading this, I am very impressed with your diligence. I will spare you the rest of my non-eventful evening and end this post here.

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