Tuesday, June 21, 2011

stinky sulphur

Yellowstone, of course, was full of stinky, steaming water. We saw Old Faithful, but somehow those pictures are just too cliche and uninteresting. Some of the other hot pots were most artistic looking.

Mmm... smell that stinky smoke...

We saw loads of buffalo, but no bears.

We were a little more prepared this time. We called and reserved a campground somewhere in the middle of the smaller loop. We set up the family size tent that the Robison's lent us, staked it down, and even put on the rain cover. We were pretty pooped by then, so we just relaxed and did some serious reading of "Ender's Game".

The next morning was Saturday, the day of the reception, so we thought we should find some showers. It was wonderful to be clean. Then we headed out of the park and stopped at a few waterfalls along the way. Oh, not to mention we saw tons more buffalo.

We stopped for some chips and salsa alongside a river for a snack...

And then, came to the beautiful lake. This time, all the stones were ripe for skipping. And Aaron, looking like a true stud, skipped his heart out. Even I finally perfected the necessary wrist action and was able to skip several rocks one after the other.

Driving out of the park, we could no believe it was June 18th. Not to mention that June 18th was the day Aaron left on his mission 3 years ago, and the day he got back 1 year ago. Quite momentous.

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