Saturday, January 18, 2014

elsie: 3 months

I can't choose favorites.

Okay, maybe this next one is my favorite...


--She has found her hands and her feet. She spends a lot of time trying to get her hands in her mouth, and when she is diaper-less, she tries to grab her feet...or at least bring them as close to her head as possible.

-- She is learning how to use the muscles around her mouth to make different noises and to blow bubbles.

--She has started to drool.

--She loves to sit up and look around.

--She loves diaper changes and baths.

--Tummy time is too exhausting because she refuses to let her head rest on the floor. She often even picks up her arms and legs and just flies on her belly above the floor...all while screaming.

--She has started rubbing her eyes, especially when she's eating.

--SHE GIGGLES! It is still kind of rare and amazing when it happens, but it happens :)

--She tries to grab things, like a toy, if it's dangled in her face, or sometimes she'll try to grab it with her feet.

--She still sleeps swaddled, pacified, and in her Rock and Play. I don't know when to try to break her of each of those things...but, I think, not yet.

--Schedule? Meh...

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