Friday, May 24, 2013

finally! a post!

So much for photo a day...

Aside from the actual pictures of our baby girl, this picture is the next best thing

We had our ultrasound on Tuesday and came prepared with this card, an envelope, and a permanent marker. After looking at the baby's legs and arms and brain and placenta and other stuff I couldn't distinguish, the tech told us to look away while she took the gender picture. After a minute or so of her squishing my belly, trying to find the right angle, I assume, she said "Ok, keep looking away while I label it." For some reason in my head I thought, Ah ha! It must be a boy! It wasn't until we left the office and were in the car that we figured they would probably label girls parts too.

In anxious confusion we drove around trying to figure out where we should go to open the envelope. Somehow we ended up at a little park that we have never been at before. We sat at a metal picnic bench and slowly opened our envelope. Ta da! It's a girl. I think after the initial sounds of excitement died down, the next thing I said was "Humph, I wanted her to make a check mark."

We stayed there for a bit, discussing our excitement, then decided we better go to Provo Bakery and get too many donuts to eat in one sitting.

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