Wednesday, March 6, 2013

no photo today.22 +.23 (and probably .24)

Okay, okay. So I'm a failure. I have taken no photos for the past two weeks, and haven't started with this week, either.

The truth is, I am sparing you from terribly boring pictures of absolutely nothing.

Not that our lives are filled with absolutely nothing...they are filled with so many somethings that are mundane and ordinary that it is not worth a picture.

A few semi exciting things happened, but still, no pictures were taken.

First, I auditioned for graduate school at the University of Utah on March 1. It was an all day gig. I got there at 8:30, we had technique class, showed solos we choreographed, had a lunch break, came back for an improvisation class, then had a group interview, then a tour of campus... then they provided us with free tickets to a concert that night and it seemed that it might be better to be seen there than to dessert. Lucky for me, my sweet husband ventured into the world of public transportation and took the new Front Runner train from Provo to Murray, and then got on the Trax to ride all the way up to the campus to come with me to the show that night. He is the best.

The second out of the ordinary and wonderful thing that happened was this. I came home from rehearsal at 10:15 pm to find:
     1. A house that smelled of delicious food and a pot of tortellini soup to support that smell
     2. A vase of yellow tulips
     3. All the dishes cleaned and drying
     4. Two plates of sugar cookies frosted to look like melting snow men.
     5. A computer ready to watch an episode of Parks and Recreation.

It was amazing. Aaron was responsible for all of these things except the cookies. They were from our neighbors who we don't really know, but came with cookies. Aaron invited them in and chatted with them for a while, which ended in an informal plan to get together sometime in the future. (I was so proud! We aren't really the most social people...)

So good things are happening. Life is wonderful, just a little too busy with the normal daily schedule for many blog-worthy photos. I will try to work on being more spontaneous.

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