Friday, March 23, 2012

we've decided

We are going to get this as soon as possible.

A Bernese Mountain Dog... as a puppy preferably. And ideally it would stay this way, plus house-broken, forever, though the adults are pretty good looking, too.

This was the first dog that Aaron and I both got excited about. It is described as all around friendly, good with kids, tolerates getting climbed on, and easy going. The main draw backs were it's health issues, but isn't that a problem with most large dogs?

I just think it's a miracle we even found a dog we both liked. You see, I grew up with this....

...and Aaron grew up with this...

(this is actually a picture of their current dog, but Aaron grew up with the same kind... a cocka-shih-tzu?)

Though I love Toffee, the cute fuzzy thing in the picture above, I obviously loved Jake more, my yellow lab that resembled the heroic one pictured above. How would Aaron and I ever find a dog we both liked?

That's when Aaron performed a very inspired Google search: "Top 10 Dogs for Men". Yes, Labrador Retrievers were number one--thank you "Marly and Me"--but for some strange reason, Aaron doesn't think they are cute when they are older. Alas, the search brought use to the Bernese Mountain Dog (scroll up and ogle at the first picture again) and we both got so excited to get one that we started looking at houses for sale...

Oh! And you should all drink this. Just blend all the ingredients:
1 cup milk
2 handfuls spinach
1 banana
1 handful on almonds
Perhaps some flax seeds
Perhaps some rolled oats
Perhaps a bit of other frozen fruit, but the original is my favorite


  1. So jealous! We have been wanting a dog for a long time. We like this kind too. Excited for you!

  2. My family almost got one of these when my old dog died. I love them and think they are beautiful!

  3. My sister has one. He is absolutely fabulous with a great personality. There are very loving dogs...kind of like a giant teddy bear. Lots of hair though, so be prepared to vacuum a lot.