Tuesday, March 6, 2012

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I know I ended the last post with a serious cliff hanger and you are anxiously waiting to hear about your excursion to Las Vegas.

However, it seems like there is not much to tell. We didn't want to spend much money, but we debated the whole time about whether or not to try to get tickets to a Cirque de Soleil show (because I have always wanted to see one). We were really really close to buying tickets, too. I can't exactly remember what happened, but we didn't see a show. I think we were just in this daze of "What are we doing in Vegas?" and we never got out of it. We even stayed in the MGM Hotel, but I didn't know until we got back that they have live lions in the hotel. Basically, we spent lots of hours wandering the strip, walking through the mazes of shops and casinos, wondering why people bring small children to this place, and trying to find food that wasn't greasy.

We took pictures, but they are nothing special.

Advice for Vegas goers? Stay in a hotel that is at least 10 miles from the strip. We did. Amazingly nice and just as expensive as a dinky little room on the strip. And plan to see a show beforehand.

In other news...

As alluded to in the previous post, Aaron and I are undergoing a "food revolution." With the start of my new blog about becoming more green, we have watched a couple movies about food. Though I am definitely more passionate about it than Aaron is, I think he is still onboard.

So what is the plan?

Eat less meat
When eating meat, eat organic
Eat more veggies 
Eat more raw things (I actually just added that one today and haven't really told Aaron) 
Buy organic when possible and pertinent 
Eat the seasons 
Investigate "super foods" (Also added this one today)
Drink more water (for detoxifying purposes) 
Eat less to no processed foods (to decrease intake of strange chemicals)
Somehow overcome my addiction to sugar (nearly impossible)

Of course, these are the goals, not the immediate reality. Achieving this goal with take psychological and physiological determination. It will take me basically learning how to shop at the grocery store again and learning how to cook (or not cook) again. It will be hard, but I am determined.

If anyone out there has any wonderful advice, helpful blogs, or tasty recipes they would like to share, I would love it.

And check out my website!  
(Even though something terrible happened this weekend and the pictures suddenly failed to load. Once Aaron has a free hour or two, he'll set to two trying to fix it; but that might not be until graduation in April.)

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